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Not all builders meet the strict criteria to become a Registered Master Builder. 

To become a Registered Master Builder, building experience, trade or professional qualifications and practical management experience are assessed.

Workmanship is inspected and previous clients contacted, to ensure the applicant's work is of a high standard and has satisfied clients' expectations.

In addition to the quality of your work and assessments being undertaken, applicants must also provide evidence of financial responsibility with written references from their bank, public accountant and building material suppliers.

Re-certification of members occurs regularly, with checks on financial viability and more importantly their workmanship to maintain the quality of their work.

When engaging a Registered Master Builder for a new home or for alterations and additions work, (whether built under a full contract or a labour only contract), a Master Build Guarantee covering loss of deposit, non-completion of the work, defective workmanship and defective materials, will be offered by the Registered Master Builder (conditions apply).

It is not enough just to be Trade Qualified so making sure you engage with a qualified and experienced builder, such as those at Browntown Builders Limited, is of the utmost importance for peace of mind.


Our market leading building Guarantee allows you and your family to rest easy in the knowledge that, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your home build or renovation, Registered Master Builders will help resolve any issues and finish your home to the highest standard.  

The Master Build 10-Year Guarantee has been developed in New Zealand, for New Zealand homes. It’s designed to suit your modern building needs.  

Over the past 25years we have protected more than 140,000 homes. Only a Registered Master Builder can offer you the peace of mind of a Master Build 10-Year Guarantee.

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